We build websites that help you to:

We can develop websites of any complexity, with a deep understanding of your your business goals and aim for the most efficient product every single time

Our services


  • Technical documentation
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • DevOps
  • Testing
  • Support

We know how to make it work!


  • Wireframing
  • UI\UX-design
  • Website and web app redesign
  • Illustrations

You are going to LOVE your new design!

Rebuild and updates

Your website is obsolete and doesn’t meet the requirements of your business any more? We’ll help you to switch from your outdated ASP/ASP,NET to modern flexible  Angualr/React/.NetCore/Node without any time and performance loss!

Let’s get you to new tech era!

We'll help you to understand what you need!

We are effective by design

Client-oriented team

“Your business first” is our philosophy

Zagoriy Foundation” project has started with a request for a website, but along the way we’ve built a fully functioning ecosystem, that supports complicated business processes and helps non-profit foundations to grow.

Long-term friendship

We always build business-friendships

We work with our clients for years and know their business in and out. We share their passion and new ideas. That’s why our cooperation with projects like SUPERLUDI or LeadMetrix, made us their go-to experts for a long time.


Flexible according to your business needs

Your main goal is to GROW your business, our job is to help your website grow along and work effectively for 1 or 1B users. We always are passionate about you scaling your business and are here to accompany and support you in this adventure.

We got your back

Support your website after the release

While you put maximum effort into the promo, PR, or sales we are here to make sure your website works perfectly. You don’t have to spend any extra time and effort on technical support and can save money on in-house support specialists.

Recent projects


  • Engineering
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development

Giving Tuesday Give our best to our clients


  • Create a beautiful, user-friendly website for a project
  • Make it functional and ready to work with PPC


  • Nice and eye catching and UX friendly web design
  • High load speed score


Solution for

  • Nonprofit projects
  • MVPs
  • Functional landing pages
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  • Architecture
  • UI\UX Design
  • Development

Candy Boards We made it roll!


  • The assortment has a particular structure, which should be reflected on the website
  • Quick loading and intuitive user experience is a must
  • Every product card should have a wide and detailed description, along with e-commerce tools to increase sales



  • Website reflects all need, that this particular business have: seasonal assortment changes, shop structure changes, assortment update and prioritizing etc.
  • All the pages have 97-to-100 speed score and perfectly work for any kind of PPC promotion
  • Products are easy customizeable and quickly managable

Solution for

  • E-commerce
  • High load online stores
  • Any type of product SMB
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  • Architecture
  • UI\UX Design
  • Development



Memory Box First you've got the idea, then we make it real!


  • The website should be as intuitive and cozy as possible to match the business idea
  • Iy should be clear and easy-to-use in terms of service customizing
  • It should stay flexy and include the A\B testing option



  • Easy-to-use and memorable website
  • High speed score
  • Tailored solutions for complex products

Solution for

  • Startups
  • SMB
  • New projects, that need tailored solutions
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  • UX/UI  design
  • Full cycle development

Racket Sports E-Commerce that works!


  • To create a new highload and effective e-commerce website
  • Make an online store with the intuitive and clear UI


  • Website, that has boosted sales
  • UI with a clear goal, that makes UX easy

Solution for

  • Online stores
  • Sales platforms
  • SMB
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Juzzzt Studio has a 10+ years of experience in web development for business and we grow all the time!

  • We work by three simple and effective principles:
  • Your success is our goal
  • Experience is our main tool
  • Collaboration is our philosophy

We grew and mastered them through years. Our clients appreciate our approach and our projects prove it works. As a team, we are always ready to hear and understand your challenges and ideas and to apply our best practices and experience to help you.


We'd love to hear from you

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    How do I order a website?

    We shall start with a good talk! You can fill out the CONTACT FORM and attach a brief if you have one. Then, our manager is going to contact you ASAP to have nice cozy conversation about what you are aiming for to clearly understand what is the very best tech stack to meet your requirements. Our goal is your success, long cooperation and a wide smile, so let’s get started ?

    What if I don’t have a brief?

    First of all — it’s all fine and we’re here to help you! If you have a goal — it’s the best way to start your journey. We have hands down experience with startups, SMB and Enterprise projects, so we know what to do and are always happy to help you to create the brief and tech task.

    How do I know the price?

    The price depends mostly on hour rate and the number of specialists, involved into your project. We always try to calculate the price right after we know what’s the journey we’re joining in and be as specific as possible. So, as soon as we have a chat and figure out your needs, we can estimate the price right away!

    What do I get from working with you?

    Mostly it depends on what you need, but generally we do a full cycle development and you get:

    • Website technical description
    • Prototype
    • Draft
    • Content management (if needed)
    • Fully Functional Website
    • Technical Support

    Our clients trust us for YEARS, they grow and change their business or create new projects with us and we’re really are proud of it and aim for it every time.

    Let`s Talk